Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Biking and Running

Got back from NYC late Friday and didn't run again until Tuesday afternoon. Saturday night's excesses and exertions (Mexican food + Nine Inch Nails + two hours of dancing) meant a poorly belly for Wil on Sunday. Tuesday ran a very slow 5 + 35 + 5 session around the neighborhood, where I really struggled to breathe and run. Not sure what's going on. Wil says it was humid, and we were running some hills, but I still felt extra sluggish.

The good news is that on Monday and Tuesday I rode (partway) to work and back. Still a bit nervous on the bike, but considerably stronger. Have been able to ride relatively swiftly and steadily up Dexter... at least on the way home. Next week I think I'll try riding up Dexter on the way downtown. It's steeper (and therefore shorter) in that direction, but I need to get more comfortable on runs. I'm going to ride in tomorrow, but have a meeting at the agency in the afternoon (and I have to contend with the I-90 closure because of the Blue Angels' practice session. Whee!

So not so great on the running front, but looking up on the biking front. Oh, and swimming? Um, yeah, swimming... hopefully this weekend.

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