Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long Run

Tried to get out of the house early for our long run -- 8 miles. Made the mistake of eating a whole bagel each, 45 minutes or so before we left. We should only have had half each. Live and learn...

Very hot day, and a little bit muggy. We ran West on 65th, down to the Locks on 32nd, and then out along the BGT, through the marina, and out to Golden Gardens. Turned around at the stop sign, then back along the new stretch of the BGT -- which I didn't even know was open. Followed the trail back past the locks, then along Market and down Shilshole to 11th. We had to add a stretch along Market to pad the miles, but hit 8.00 a few blocks from the house so we were able to walk our cool down.

Wil's foot has been bothering him, luckily (I suppose) it doesn't usually bother him when we run. I've been feeling a little sore in my right foot as well but so far it's okay. Just something to watch.

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