Thursday, March 6, 2008

wet run

Wanted to run today after work -- needed to run out a little work stress. I brought my gear with me so that I could go to the gym on the way home. But because I felt cooped up with too little daylight, and because I thought the weather was still nice, I decided to think about running around Greenlake instead.

I was still feeling torn on the way home -- the skies had turned gray. But I still wanted the fresh air. So I decided to let the traffic light on the offramp be my guide. If an odd number of cars was in front of me at the light, then I'd go to Greenlake; if an even number I would go to the gym. When I got to the light, there was one lonely car. Sorted.

Went home, got changed, filled up my water belt (which I promptly forgot), and headed out. Because the temperature was pretty warm, I decided to run in just a thermal shirt and a fleece vest. I did remember to put a hat on, so at least I had that.

I ran around the 3.1-mile outer path -- my first time -- and it's pretty horrible along that stretch of 99. I walked for 5 brisk minutes, and then took off running. Slow and steady, slow and steady. I was about halfway around when the rain started... just drizzly at first, then stronger and stronger. But I kept plodding along, trying to remember to slow down when I felt breathless.

Got around to my starting point in 32 minutes (including the walk!) and then around to my run starting point in just over 30 minutes. The rain was really coming down at this point; really wanted to quit but decided to try and keep running for another 5 minutes.... and then another 5 minutes... and then the final 5 minutes. Oof. Was really happy to do my cooldown walk!

When I started my cooldown I checked my iPod; Nike+ had credited me with 5.08 miles, which seems pretty close to correct. Damn you Nike+. I'm still not going to trust you.

Was soaked to the skin by the time I got to the car. Still made sure I got my stretching in. The arch in my right foot feels a little sore, and my back feels a little sore. But otherwise I feel good, and I'm pleased with myself for sticking with the run when I wanted to bail.

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