Wednesday, March 5, 2008

morning swim

Went for my weekly swim in Issaquah this morning; I love the airy pool, the little old ladies exercising to Madonna, the relatively empty lanes.... I swam a simple mile; 1/2 mile of freestyle, 1/2 mile with swim gloves and a pull buoy. I forgot to put on my little SportCount ring, which meant that I had to concentrate on counting laps rather than fretting about work and other things. This turned my workout into a much more meditative affair. Just breathing and counting and swimming...

On the way home from work today I was pondering whether the raking of the gravel or the contemplation of the raked gravel was the more "zen". I called Rebecca who agreed that they are both meditative. So today I was the raker, carefully arranging my limbs and counting my laps. It's not going to take me to a higher plane, but I did seem to swim faster than two weeks ago.


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