Thursday, March 27, 2008

busy week

It's been a stupidly busy week at work, but fortunately we've still made time to get some exercise in. 

Tuesday after work we headed over and ran for 35 minutes around Green Lake; we did a "sprint" in one of the last minutes and Wil ran too fast for me to comfortably keep up. :) The weather wasn't brilliant and the run was only 3.25 miles, but it was good to get some miles in.

Wednesday morning I went back to my "usual" pool schedule (whatever that means), swimming just over a mile in 42 minutes. I swam 1000 meters freestyle before switching over to the pull buoy for 400 and then back to freestyle for another 350. I felt a lot faster than I did last week -- much more "Sleeky the Otter" than "Shamu"...

Today, even though we're both feeling a bit under the weather, we decided to go on our scheduled "easy 20 minute" run. We ran a strange, looping course from our place to the library, me carrying a rucksack with a book inside (bounce bounce bounce) and Wil in jeans. I think we looked like shoplifters. :) But the run was easy and smooth and we were both pleased to have done it. Of course, we then celebrated by getting a bunch of books and drinking cider...

Tomorrow after work we head up to Birch Bay for the Birch Bay International Road Race. Wil's nervous about the headphone ban; I'm nervous about my hip. We'll just take it slow and steady and hope for decent weather. And in the end, we'll have new socks. :)

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