Saturday, March 8, 2008

LSD - 8.4 miles

Today we got up early and ran our long runs around Green Lake. Wil hadn't done a long run for a couple of weeks, so he ran 2x around (5.6 miles) while I ran 3x (8.4 miles). Felt pretty good until the very end; my calves were really tight and my right arch felt sore. Wasn't even remotely fast; it took me 91 minutes to run the distance. But I still felt okay. Hard to set my own pace without Wil; I felt like I got into a groove towards the last half of the last lap, however.

Lots of racewalkers out today; at one point I saw two of them about 30 yards ahead of me and was amazed how long it took me to pass them. Wil pointed out that we run slow for runners, and they walk fast for walkers, so our paces aren't so different.

Having now had a shower my calves are screaming. Oh dear.

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