Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green Lake Laps

Another slow morning, even though Wil got up at 7:30 and made us breakfast, I wouldn't be budged until 9:30. But we were at Green Lake at 10:00 and (after a stop at Gregg's to get Wil a coffee holder for his bike -- did I mention we live in Seattle?) were ready for our run.

Wil set his iPod for 8.1 miles, which gave us nearly three full laps around the lake. I forgot my sensor. Whee. Not that it would have been accurate, of course. We set off slowly and my knees and feet felt terrible -- really painful and brittle. But after about 10 minutes I felt better and we were well on our way.

Lots of people out today, which is nice, though I suspect most of the runners were down at the Dash. Even yesterday we toyed with the idea, but we needed to get more miles in today in preparation for our race at the end of the month.

So around and around and around we went, taking two walk breaks, averaging a very slow but comfortable 11-something per mile. My Achilles tendons are feeling sore, as are the muscles in my hips. But all in all I feel okay.

Yesterday on the way home from visiting my mom and Ed we stopped at the Brooks Outlet at the Supermall and bought way too many socks. But lovely, lovely socks.

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