Thursday, March 20, 2008

water buffalo

Too much travel (because of work) and too much work has messed up my schedule for weeks... Wasn't able to go swimming yesterday because I had an 8:00 a.m. meeting. So this morning I headed off to the pool.

Perhaps now is when I should mention that, rather than run on Tuesday, Wil and I decided to have a brisk walk... down to the Sloop. Sure, it's nearly a 2-mile walk each way, and we did walk briskly... but I think our "Slooper-sized" ciders probably negated any exercise benefits from the walk...

I set my timer for 42 minutes and started my swim. The pool felt somehow murky, though it may have just been that my goggles fogged up extra fast. The water was very chilly in the deep end, and weirdly warm in the shallows. I felt slow -- like I was swimming through Jell-O. I kept trying to think "dolphin" but kept feeling like "walrus". Or, worse, "water buffalo".

But I swam on and on, slowly. 400 meters of freestyle, 400 with the pull buoy and gloves, 200 with the kickboard, 400 of breaststroke, and a final 200 of freestyle. It took me all 42 minutes to swim it.

Considered, briefly, coming home today and going for a little run... but I didn't feel up to it. Tomorrow is Friday -- phew! It's been quite a week...

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