Wednesday, January 22, 2020

101 things in 1001 days -- 250 days left

As of today I have 250 days left in my 101 things in 1001 days project, and it seems like I'm nowhere near close to getting even half of my things done. But I'm still pleased with the results so far -- 40 things! -- and I think there are several additional things I'll manage to do in the next 250 days.

Here's what I've completed so far:

Adventure Time
1. climb Mt. St. Helens - September 2018
4. ride a Shinkansen - September 2019
5. go snowshoeing - January 2019
6. go to a country I haven’t visited before - China, November 2018
9. try stand-up paddle boarding

Always Be Learning
10. 2018: 1 sketch each week – Sketchy Sundays
16. take pottery class / learn to throw on the wheel
21. take ukulele lessons - January - February 2019

22. about us page
23. about us widget
24. annotate the Carros de Foc trip – with pictures – on TWS blog
25. blog 150 times
26. comment on 100 different blogs
27. email subscriptions for the blog
31. visitors widget

36. read Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”
38. read Darwin’s “Voyages of the Beagle” 
40. read Dickens(mas) – read all 5 xmas novellas between Thanksgiving and Xmas
42. read Joyce’s “Ulysses” March 9 – June 16, 2018

Craftacular – 33 monthly projects:
46. Africa scrapbook
52. DanAlex baby blanket
53. Edna Looney santa banner
54.finish 2017 temperature afghan (weaving in ends and crocheting a border)
55. fox needlepoint part 1, flowers
56. fox needlepoint part 2, fox
57. fox needlepoint part 3, leaves
58. fox needlepoint part 4, background
59. Halloween banner
60. Joy cross stitch – Mom
61. Joy cross stitch - Sue
63. pillows – make up raven, fox, hare, and swan cushions!
70. swan needlepoint, part 1 - wings
71. swan needlepoint, part 2 – necks and heads
72. swan needlepoint, part 3 - bodies
73. swan needlepoint, part 4 - plants
74. swan needlepoint, part 5 - background
75. xmas banner

87. find next great gig - November 2019!
88. get Thames Path photos scanned

House Proud:
100. stain patio

And here's what I'm still working on:

Always Be Learning
- GA-certified -- I think I need to complete a few things to re-certify myself. But this is within reach
- learn Photoshop -- I actually now HAVE Photoshop, and have started working through the "learning" modules.
- lettering 30-day challenge -- I plan on starting this on February 1
- Spanish -- I've shifted from Rosetta Stone to working through Duo; I now want to complete the second "castle" (what is that thing???) and am making good, steady progress.
- vegan cheese -- 2 down, 3 to go. I'll wrap this up in the next couple of weeks!

- try three new templates ... I tried one and hated it, but I'll make myself try a couple more
- Thames Path -- I have organized the photos and recovered the tiny bit of writing I already did. This is going to be hard, but there are a bunch of things to write about, so I'll start writing in early February to publish in March and beyond.

- I'm actually reading volume 2 of Macaulay RIGHT NOW. It's slow going, but I feel I can keep reading and get through all 10 volumes in the next 250 days.
- I'm also on the 4th of 5 Dickens novels. I'll get this done!

- I'm stitching Acanthus right now, in another month I'll feel like I've done "part 1/3" I should be able to complete the stitching of the leaves (if not also the background) in the next 250 days
- I'm changing "sashiko dish towels" to "embroidered dish towels" because I CAN'T FIND THE BLUE TOWELS. Which is making me feel like a crazy person. But it will still be embroidering towels for a gift, and the "due date" is actually earlier. This I'll start in February as an OMG.
- I actually have a plan for the scrap quilt -- but I won't start that yet.
- I re-spotted the materials for the "simple sashiko throw" and feel like that will be a great project for right after I finish ...
- stash afghan -- I've started to crochet and using up leftover yarn from my temperature afghan -- so I feel really good about this. I'm sharing this as part of ScrapHappy day, so that inspires me to keep going.

The other categories? Miserable. My fitness level is, well, unfit. No progress on my GOHIO tasks. And House Proud? A bit shameful. Still, at least one of those things has to be completed in the next 250 days, so there you go.

You can see the whole list of 101 things in 1001 days here, and I'd love any encouragement to help me in the last lap!


  1. Well, that is an ambitious list, but you are knocking off several things this month, so just keep after it. :)

    1. Thanks Kathy -- it's no surprise that the crafting one has the most progress, and the fitness one the least!