Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Zoë-ghan (shhhhhh)

Some sweet friends of ours are having a baby soon, so I wanted to make a little something.

I had seen a pattern for the "Greyson Baby Blanket" on Moogly (download it for free from Moogly here) and loved how modern and clean it looked.

I adapted it slightly, deciding to use white, silver grey, and black rather than pale grey and silver grey. The pattern was easy to follow, and after a few repeats, I had it memorized. And in a surprisingly short amount of time, I was finished.

why, yes, that *is* the 2017 temperature afghan underneath!
Even the border was simple and clean -- though I switched the order so the white was between the black and the grey. I just didn't want a white-edged baby blanket!

It was easy to weave in the ends (compared to the temperature afghan, especially...), and kaboom, it was done.

Even better -- again, especially when compared to the temperature afghan -- there was very little leftover yarn!

This was another #101in1001 project. That makes 3/101!

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