Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fox Stitch-a-Long, part 2

I'm really thrilled with my progress so far on the Fox needlepoint -- finishing the foreground leaves and flowers last week, and somehow powering through the fox in just over a week ... which I thought would take a month. (Which, by the way, completes another #101in1001 project!)

I love how detailed this pattern is, and how many shades of yarn I have already used. Just in the fox there are 9 different colors. I love his face:

And along the way spotted a bit of stem I didn't stitch, which I'll pick up when I am working on the background leaves.

yep, missed a bit of stem there!
I love the 3-D affect with this flower and the shadow on the fox's tail.

Next I'll be starting the acanthus leaves -- which makes up the majority of the project.

I'll do all the veins first, then all the pale outlines. And then I'll focus on the green leaves first. I seem to recall that the leaves tend to drag on a bit... To keep me motivated, I've joined a stitch-a-long. I've been inspired by seeing all the amazing projects my fellow stitchers are working on!

My fellow stitchers are in a lot of different time zones, so if there isn’t a post when you first look, check later in the day. Fancy joining us for the SAL? Send a message to Avis.

Our next stitch-a-long check-in is in three weeks; I hope to have the green leaves stitched by then. 


  1. It's a lovely kit, and you've made an impressive amount of progress, Olympics-watching notwithstanding. Good work!

  2. This is such a luscious design. My mouth is almost watering. I'd prefer to stitch it with cotton floss instead of wool but not many kits come that way. Isn't it funny how we can miss just a few stitches of one color when we're tooling along? Been there, done that. :-)

  3. You really progressed on this, wow! Needlepoint isn't very common anymore, so this is extra special. I do love that fox, such an I teresti g perspective!

  4. This is a lovely embroidery! You are doing a great progress!

  5. Thanks everyone! You all are inspiring me!

  6. Beautiful. Wow lots of detail.