Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fox needlepoint - flowers DONE

I can only attribute this to the fact that we've become a little obsessed with the Winter Olympics. We've watched a lot of curling. More skeleton, luge, and bobsled than is healthy. A lot of "freestyle" snowboarding and skiing. Big air. Half pipe. Some downhill racing. We've gasped at the snowboard cross and ski cross events. We've held our breath during the shooting segments of the biathlon. I've cheered -- OUT LOUD -- watching cross country skiing. We whooped at some ski jumping. Hell, we even watched some ice dancing and figure skating.

But it did mean watching more television in two weeks than we usually do in several months... which means MORE TIME FOR STITCHING. So the part of the needlepoint that I thought would take me a month of diligent work has actually taken me two weeks.

Given how vivid the printing of the canvas is, it's a little hard to see what is stitched and what isn't.  But all the foreground leaves and flowers are now complete!

Next up: the fox himself!

This is another item from my #101in1001 project complete!

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