Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Travel Tuesday : Night Train to Luxor

After coming back from the pyramids (the PYRAMIDS!!!), we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool -- some sunning, some swimming.

Then at 6:30 we caught a taxi to Giza station, where we stood around on the platform for an hour before getting on the sleeper train!

Funny old train; reeks of cigarettes throughout, but each car as 10 2-person compartments.

Shortly after leaving Giza, we were served dinner by our attendant:

In order to give the attendant time to make up the room into bunkbeds, we wandered down to the club car after dinner -- thick fog of smoke -- we were served a can of coke between us and charged for two drinks. Awesome! Glamour!

Beds were comfy-ish, but the jolting of the train meant we had very little sleep on the "sleeping train" In the morning we were woken up by the attendant and served an extra strange conglomeration of breakfast items, each individually wrapped: a croissant, a soft roll, a slice of white bread, a slice of cake, plus butter and jam and triangle cheese.

Left the train sleepily at 5am, arriving at Luxor.

We piled into a taxi to take us to our hotel, the Sofitel Karnak. As we were ABSURDLY EARLY and their system wasn't online yet, we spent quite a while watching the sun rise from the banks of the Nile, and just relaxing by the pool.

There was a lot of moving around from room to room to room, but at 11:30 we were given a lovely room in the "Ramses Wing" with a balcony overlooking a grassy open space and, as booked, a huge and very comfortable king-size bed. And after a relatively sleepless night on the train, we had a good, long nap.

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