Monday, June 18, 2012

Rainy Boot Camp

We had a relatively decent weekend -- okay, sure, I didn't feel like running at all, but the weather was okay (if a bit muggy and blustery on Saturday). So waking up this morning to a proper, hard rain was a shock.

But I am determined to go to all 12 of my boot camp sessions, so I got up, got dressed, and got out the door.

This was what it looked like when I pulled into the parking lot:

Wet and a bit miserable. That said, people turned up. I think all of us -- at least, more than 10 people. We warmed up a little and then Kerry dropped the bomb on us that she wanted us to do a mid-session check-in.... with a mile run.


So we lined up and started running. I felt absurdly sluggish, like I was running in Jell-O. In the end I finished in 9:41.... which I believe was 4 seconds slower than my first run... but still probably my second fastest mile ever. Yeah, I know, I'm not very fast.

After the run we partnered up and did some pushups, planks, and so on. I felt slow and weak and sluggish throughout. Not sure what was up this morning. I didn't even have the crazy endorphin rush at the end. Maybe today just wasn't my day.

I'm feeling a bit funny about boot camp for the last few days -- by which I mean, I have been really LOVING it so far. I love the 3x/week, the early morning start, Kerry, my fellow recruits, the workouts, etc. Loving it so much that, despite having a couple of other Groupons that I want to use later this summer, I have been considering signing up for the next session, and so on.

So I looked at the price. I discovered Vast Fitness via an Amazon Local deal -- something like $39 for a month of boot camp. Therefore I assumed that a month of boot camp was somewhere around $100 -- maybe a little less, or maybe right at $100. But when I looked at the price, it's $175. Oh.

Now, I did look to see what 3 sessions/week with Dillon would set me back -- it's $199. So perhaps Kerry, with her additional "bonus" running sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, plus the three days/week in the mornings, is a steal. And I LOVE the workouts. But... wow. $175/month?

Sure, I could afford it. But it's enough to make me think twice, thrice, and so on. After two weeks do I feel stronger? Is that even fair? I do feel like I'm part of a group, which is lovely. But still... wow.

I'll have to think about it a bit.

I do have a "groupon" to a CrossFit Box (as they're called... when anything else would be called a "studio" or "gym"...)... but what if I hate that? I already feel intimidated by CrossFit... but welcomed by Vast Fitness. Is loyalty and comfort and happiness enough?

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