Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boot Camp, day 2

Another FANTASTIC morning at boot camp! Kerry manages to keep everyone smiling, even when we're sucking wind. I did SEVENTY-FIVE push-ups today. Not all at once, of course -- no more than 10 at a time -- but SEVENTY-FIVE!!!  Much less running today -- except we did a bunch of "relays" with different sorts of "runs". Since there are nine of us, one line (mine) had four people, the other five. That means that in each race, one of us had to go twice. Ouch. Especially because whichever team lost had to do pushups. Oops.

I should point out that we didn't lose EVERY race, just 3 out of 6.

But I learned more names (Janessa, Sarah, Peter - my teammates), and got a fierce, almost queasy workout. Ah, also made the mistake of eating some bread and cheese a few minutes before going to camp...

Already feel sore when laughing or coughing... and my chest is hurting from the pushups. Did I mention we did nearly 100 sit-ups? Ah, yeah, that'll be sore, too. I actually have sore hands from the field turf.

Still, looking forward to Friday!


  1. I randomly found your blog some how and love it! I have been following for a while. I have a suggestion for your North Dakota half marathon the Fargo Half Marathon in May! it is an amazing race! I have run it three times myself and look forward to next years.

  2. Hi Sarah - Thanks for the comment! I have my heart set on running Flying Pig next year -- too close to Fargo for 2013, but it sounds great for 2014!