Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Got an email from Athleta with a really cool blog post the other day. Written by Rachel Toor, the post, called "Falling", describes how the author came to terms with falling when she runs. I haven't fallen badly on a run for a while (okay, yeah, I fell in the mud on Saturday, but that wasn't too bad) -- guess I should knock on wood here -- but I certainly know about falling. Here's my favorite line:

I have learned to look at my legs and see not just the ravages of damage, but reminders of all the times I have gotten up, have kept going, have made it back.

Read the whole article on the Athleta chi blog here.

Oh, and, no, this is an old picture, from September 2008. I don't think we captured any photos of the bike crash knees from 2010. Too busy trying not to hurl. :)

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