Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing Catch-up: running, expo, and 9/9

Thursday I was able to have a relaxing morning -- because I didn't need to be at the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Expo until 10:30. So I suited up and drove the Green Lake for a gorgeous little run around the lake. I felt pretty good, if a little sluggish at the end. Besides, it was such a fantastic morning, it was a treat to be outside in the fresh air.

Then I spent the rest of the day at the expo. Last year I worked the set-up day in Seattle. I liked the physical labor side of things -- and not having to answer a lot of questions about products I still felt I was learning about.

But I had made a critical mistake last year -- it wasn't possible to pick up my race packet since the expo wasn't really open. Booo! That meant I needed to go back a second day. This this year I resolved to work a shift at the open Expo.

I got to the hall a few minutes early, and more than half an hour before the expo actually opened. I always love the expo floor before it opens - when all the aisles are empty and it looks as if there's too much room:

I was assigned "ticket duty"; handing out the prize tickets in the Cavalcade area, explaining the scan-n-win game and the "second chance" drawing. When expo opened at 11am, there was an initial rush, and another during lunch time, but otherwise pretty quiet.

The highlight of the morning was looking up and seeing sweet Lindsay Buchan's face. So great to see her! I squealed and ran out of my little booth to give her a hug. I asked her if she was gonna run (ha ha) and made her promise not to have any excuses not to run next year. :)  I also told her that I had actually considered bringing her wedding present along -- just in case I did see her! But as she said, it gives us another excuse to see each other.

A little later, during the "lunch hour", Wil came by. He was doing a 2-day course with his team somewhere in Pioneer Square, and was originally going to come to the expo at the end of the day. But he decided to run over at lunch to avoid the crowds. Everyone cooed over him -- the Brooks ladies all love Wil -- and we had a nice little chat.

Then back to work for a bit. At some point Dre and Matt and Melody came in to pick up their bibs, but I was too busy to really chat.

Grabbed lunch -- a salad, because the pizza was unidentifiable -- and also picked up my race packet. Was surprised to see both D-Tags (for feet) and B-Tags (on the bib itself). It made me wonder if they're using Seattle as a test to see if the B-Tags will work in a large race. Shirt very blah -- white? Really? But at least this year there was some stuff in the bag. The cats were thrilled that Star-Kist is now a sponsor. I'm sure they'll enjoy their packets of tuna...

Then back to the expo floor, where Stevie had taken over my position in the booth. I was sent over to Pronator's Peak, where you toss a foam golf ball into either a shoe (to win a giant foam finger) or into a little cup at the tippy top of the peak (to win a pair of shoes). We had a little run on foam fingers, and noticed that kids are better than adults at it. We decided it's because kids just go for it, while adults fret about it too much. I will add that before expo opened, I gave it a try, saying "I'll never get a ball to stay in a shoe".... and got one on my first try. Ha!

The last hour or so passed quickly, and then Angie cut us loose. I wanted to look at a few things at the expo, but didn't need to really "do" the expo.

1. RunDisney booth. Always nice to see the medals for upcoming races. Had a long chat with one of the cast members about next year's Goofy. She gave me a fantastic RunDisney bag -- different than the one I got in Denver last year. It's larger and perhaps even nicer. I also had a little flutter of desire to run the Disneyland Half this year -- that medal is so gorgeous! -- and even looked into flights and charities and such when I got home, until Wil reminded me that we were going to Bumbershoot. Oh, right!!!

2. ONE Coconut Water booth. Look, I don't like coconut. At least the desiccated kind that's used in baking. But I always loved the young fresh coconuts we had in Indonesia. And I was curious about coconut water. So when I saw the booth on my way in in the morning, I made sure to swing by. The verdict? Nice. Tastes like young fresh coconut. That said, one of the juice boxes was a little too much for me at once. Or maybe I just drank it too fast because I was thirsty? Anyway, I would buy it. Which, I suppose, is the reason to go to a Rock 'n' Roll Expo... Oh, and, yes, I could have bought coconut water at any time. Just hadn't gotten around to doing it.

3. The TerryBerry booth. Someone FINALLY started making official charms for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series!!! I heard about them earlier this year and was excited to see the charms in person. I decided to buy the charm that looks like a race bib:

It wasn't cheap, but it sure is cute! The nice ladies first asked if I was interested in a necklace or bracelet. I said, "Oh, no, I'll put it on my charm bracelet" which I proceeded to take out of my bag. They oohed and aaahed (nice!) and looked at all of my charms. I think the bracelet is now too full, but I'm going to put a couple more charms on it (to even it out) and then start a new one. They also told me to be sure and come back to see them if I went to other races. You know I will!

Then home, where I spent most of the evening relaxing (and happily not going to Zumba!).

Today (Friday) was boot camp #9. I was really dragging -- I think a few of us were -- so Kerry totally mixed things up by moving us around the park. Usually we go to either the top or the bottom field, but this time we ran up to the top, did a couple of things on the top field, and then worked our way down to the bottom field. First we moved down the parking lot to a curb and did step ups and downs as well as toe taps. Then we did lunges up and up and up a hill, followed by burpees, crunches, and pushups, and then a sprint back to the bottom where we started all over again. Eventually we headed over to the baseball bleachers and did BIG steps up and down, as well as leg lifts and calf lifts. Then we ran to another baseball diamond and ran the bases for a bit. Then we went down to the lower field and cooled down. Time went by super fast. That Kerry sure does a great job!!!

That said, my legs sure are tired today. Ha. 

I have to admit I'm dreading tomorrow a little bit. The weather looks iffy, and I don't feel very strong on my right leg. But I am sure I will finish. Even if I'm out there way longer than usual. 

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  1. It made my day to see you! We need to make it happen more often.