Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Went to Body Revolution with Dillon this morning -- that woman sure makes me work hard! Small class this morning -- only four women -- which surprised me since it's JANUARY! But I think most people go in the evening or at weekends. I'm thrilled to be able to go in the morning.

Every workout with Dillon is an exercise in humility. Suddenly I have lost my balance and am unable to do lunges with dumbbells. Why is this? I don't know. Squats? Yeah, I'm not super good at those, either. And as for remembering what I'm supposed to do at each station? Well, let's just say I've gotten very good at just asking for a reminder.

Each class is different, but they all follow a similar structure. We warm up on the cardio machines for 5 minutes or so before class begins. (I tend to use the elliptical trainer, out of sheer habit, but have been known to jump on a treadmill or a bike.) Then we go in and warm up together -- squats, lunges, sometimes core work, sometimes shoulder work. Then we take a little water break while Dillon sets up the circuit.

We have between 6 and 9 stations going at once, and they range from "wall ball" (throwing a padded medicine ball at the wall and catching it) to squats to bench presses to triceps presses to jumping jacks to pushups... etc. etc. We complete one circuit, take a short break, and then dive back in for a second, and then a third round. Then sometimes we do some additional exercises as a group or in pairs, or sometimes we just stretch and cool down a bit.

There's always a point in round one when I regret being there. Then there's the point in round two when I think I won't make it. Then there's the point at the end of round two when I'm really, really relieved. And then I just sorta float through round 3, giving it my all. And sometimes there's a point where I feel woozy or queasy. But not every time.

Today was good -- I was neither woozy nor queasy. And I have that familiar "heaviness" that comes after a butt kicking. And a slightly achy back.

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