Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day

Well, it may have not been a "snowpocalypse", but it was a proper snowstorm. My office was officially shut, and Wil was working from home. Today I needed to get in a run, but this is what it looked like outside:

So I'm super happy to have this downstairs:

4.14 miles ... putting me over 17 miles so far in January. Again, not a huge success ... but almost as much as February 2011, only a couple of miles behind May 2011, and within a run's reach of September. 

Also, went to Body Revolution yesterday before work... wasn't sure it was a good idea to commute in the "snow" wearing shorts, but I did have warm clothes in the car. :) The workout seemed extra tough, for some reason. Felt really challenged to do the cardio segments. But I still feel sad that tomorrow's session has been cancelled. That said, not sure I could justify trekking to Fremont if I am deeply deeply hoping for another snow day tomorrow!

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