Sunday, January 8, 2012

another little run

I've still got a banging headache... and Wil is still suffering from a cold, so we didn't make it out for our "long" run this morning. But after we ran our errands and settled in, I decided to try and run on the treadmill for just 15 minutes. If I made myself run for 15, I reasoned, I might run longer, or I might not... but at least I would get a tiny run in.

Of course, I walked for 5 to warm up, and then just started running 3:1s. And running. And running. Okay, it's not like I ran a long long way... but I did run 3.42 miles pretty easily, which brings me up to 10.95 miles, which is more than last August.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Which I'm really really looking forward to!

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