Sunday, January 15, 2012

decent week... except for running....

So this week I went to Body Revolution with Dillon on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday -- and lived to tell the tale. Somehow, however, I never made the time to run. I think I have it in my mind that I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I can't get myself set to run on any other weekday. Weird.

I *would* have gone to Body Revolution this Saturday as well, except I had a really good excuse. The US Olympic Marathon Trials were held in Houston on Saturday, and Brooks had two athletes with a really great chance to make the women's team: Desi Davila and Amy Hastings. Unfortunately, NBC Universal decided not to air the race live... nor did they decide to stream it over the internet. So the only way to "watch" it was to follow updates on Twitter. Which, frankly, was unsatisfying.

That said, it was still exciting to "follow along" and cheer for Desi and Amy. In the end, Desi came in second, and Amy came in fourth, with Shalane and Kara coming in first and third, respectively. As soon as the race was over, I posted our "congratulations Desi" billboard on our site -- super exciting! The only hitch was that the promised blog post never came through -- not an hour after the end of the race, not a day after the end of the race. Oh well - the billboard was the key as far as we were concerned. Even if it meant I spent too much of the morning checking my work email to see if the blog had been posted. (Nope.)

I thought I would have time to go to Body Revolution -- but it didn't work out. And, I guess, neither did it.

So kinda mixed results this week. Good gym work, but no mileage. Weird.

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