Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take It Outside Week

In this month's "Fitness is Fun" newsletter (from the President's Challenge... yeah, I track my activity there.... so?) I learned that this week is "Take It Outside Week", which encourages people to get outside and play or otherwise exercise. So I was bound and determined to get home and run in the real world after work.

Not the greatest of runs; I felt really sluggish at the start but just kept reminding myself that I always feel better after about 20 minutes if I just force myself through the first couple of miles. Ran out to the lookout and back, adding a couple of blocks in the middle and at the end to fill out the time.

Got home, decided to learn more about "Take It Outside Week" and discovered that the program is part of "Head Start" and "The National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play." Oh. So, um, it's for children. Suggested activities include "Moving with Hula Hoops", "Moving with Pool Noodles", and "Moving with Beach Balls". Oh. Isn't it a little late in the year to have the kids playing outside after school? I guess not if they're preschoolers...

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