Saturday, October 10, 2009

Astoria Riverwalk Run

Up and out reasonably early to run our strangely short 3-mile run. Our hotel overlooks the river so we were able to just step out the back door and onto the Astoria Riverwalk, a 5-mile trail that follows the old train line along the river. Even though Wil pointed out that a Briton would be very hesitant to walk along train tracks, I assured him that it would be safe. There are a few places where there are wooden trestles with "watch out for trolley!" signs. Still, it was lovely and quiet. Besides, the trolley doesn't run until 1pm in the winter.

Wil pushed us to run faster than we usually do; I reminded him that this was a "long slow distance run" even if it was a very short one because it's a step-down week in our training calendar. But we zipped along at a pace that left me feeling breathless and with very sweaty hair.

But it was a short run, so we turned around after 1.5 miles (ish, we had satellite issues with the Garmin) and then ran back. Astoria's riverfront is lovely and old-industrial. Lots of lovely old pier buildings with cafes and shops in them. And a strange new housing complex of funny faux old houses built around a mosquito-breeding "mill pond" and some winding streets and shared grassy lawns. And, of course, condos.

Over it all looms the bridge, which is taller than I thought it would be... huge container ships just glide right under it. Should make for some interesting running tomorrow.

We spent the afternoon walking around town, poking in shops, visiting the Goonies house (yes, Wil did a "truffle shuffle"), and -- highlight of highlights -- meeting Paul van der Veldt, winemaker, in his Shallon Winery. We spent a really wonderful 45 minutes with him, touring his winery and tasting four of his wines. He's a lovely man, and he makes some amazing wine.

Tonight was Astoria's Art Walk, so we spent an hour or so visiting galleries and chatting with the locals. This is a very friendly town.

Tomorrow: Great Columbia Crossing!

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  1. I think you'll find doing and actual truffle-shuffle at Mikey's actual house (from the Goonies movie) was the actual highlight of the afternoon, actually....