Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 days, 3 runs

Phew! Since I had postponed my Thursday run to Friday morning, today's run was the third run in three days -- so I wasn't sure how I'd feel during it. I mapped out a 9-mile route based on last week's 8-miler, but with an extended bit near the lookout. Wil asked if we could run it the other way round, so we did. I think that, though it made the bit up to the lookout really long and hilly, at least we had the wind at our backs running across the Ballard Bridge.

Felt pretty good for most of the run; a little stiff at the beginning and a little bored at the end. But not exhausted or sore. (Okay, my knees feel a little tender, but the muscles seem fine.)

Tomorrow is a well-earned rest day, and then the week starts again. I'm going to ask Wil to post one of his fancy Garmin maps of today's run in a bit.

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