Tuesday, October 6, 2009

midweek run

Home today relatively on time, then into our running stuff and out the door promptly. That's going to be the key to keeping on track during the week, I think -- not faffing around, just lacing up and moving out.

Just a short run today -- 5-minute warmup, 42 minutes of running, and then 5 minutes of cooldown. We basically ran the loop out to the lookout with some additional block-long loops due to traffic or just needing to get a bit more mileage in.

I felt good today -- at one point Wil pointed out that I was going too fast, which is why I'm really bad at running alone. I think my uphill running form is getting smoother, though I can't say much for my downhill form. And I'm sure that, overall, I still look like a galloping cow.

Still, a good day.

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