Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wil raised from the bed and Ran!!!!

Well hi y’all…

I guess I don’t post here very often, as the runs we do and Sunny writes about are usually shared events. If they aren’t shared then I usually have some sort of reason (or should that be excuse?) as to why I am not running or am just glad to be done.

This morning Sunny got up early to jet of to New York for a few days, so I decided that I should not use that as another excuse not to run (especially as I convinced us to not run on Sunday with the promise that I would start running again without making (or making up) reasons and excuses.

I ran the longest run since the marathon in January by throwing on my running shoes and strapping on my pack to run to work. Just over 6 miles, all quite slowly (an hour and nine minutes. The time was lengthened as when I got downtown as I did seem to hit a lot of red lights, happily the red lights I hit weren’t something that I welcomed (as per our long runs previously). So I guess that even if I am slow I’ve not lost out a lot on my fitness.

Cycling has helped with the fitness, (but to be truthful I have been extending the reasons/excuses to avoid the bike for the last week or two. All good reasons, we’ve had lots of 4pm rain and I’ve been indulging in a quick pint after work most nights with the colleagues I will no longer have in around 7 weeks.)

But anyway to end on a high note…

I got up ran six miles with no problems at all, in fact I feel good and enlivened for a day at work. I also feel that I am now not in any danger at all of not being in the position to run the half marathon which we are due to run at the end of June.


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