Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Run

On a long weekend, it was really hard to make ourselves run on Sunday morning... so we didn't. But we did run today, since it feels a bit like a Sunday, even though it's Monday. But we got up today and ran. We ran the loop from the Burke-Gilman Trail out to Golden Gardens, then up the stairs, and then back home. Let's just say that we may have been a bit dehydrated this morning after the sunshine and cider of the last two days, and poor Wil got a banging headache. But we stopped a couple of times to get water (including a little sprint across the Locks) and Wil soldiered on. It wasn't the longest or fastest run, but we did get just under 8 miles in today.

One of the run's highlights was seeing a bald eagle fly about 10 feet away from us, being chased by a group of noisy, angry crows.

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