Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reservoir Run

After getting to the hotel last night, I changed clothes and headed out for my planned run... around the reservoir in Central Park. It was lovely and peaceful and a great place to run. Stranger running from the hotel to the park boundary and back -- you'd think in a place that has so many people in such a small area would mean that people a) are spatially aware; b) walk in straight lines; and/or c) understand that one person cannot go any more single file, but that groups of 3 can. But still, good to FINALLY get some miles in during the month of May. 5.02 miles overall. Bravo to Wil for RUNNING TO WORK. I still haven't sorted the backpack/shoe issues to make that workable.
More pics from the run:

Very few people actually take note of this.

Still, super pretty.

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