Monday, March 23, 2009


Not sure if it's the weather, the economic climate, or what, but I have been feeling extra sluggish. It seems like a lot of my friends feel the same way. Maybe the long lack of light -- and the lingering winter -- are finally getting to us. I don't know.

On the plus side, Wil and I ran twice in three days -- a +35+ run on Friday on treadmills at the gym, and a 4-miler on Sunday in the 'hood. Because the weather had been so wild on Friday -- fierce yet brief storms, bright blue skies, then another band of storm -- I really didn't want to run outside and get caught out in a storm. Even for a short run. So we went to the gym and plodded away. We ran in the small cardio room, which always makes me feel self conscious. I wonder if the treadmills in that room aren't as stable somehow? Or if it's just the relative quiet? I always just feel as if I'm clomping away so much that I keep trying to adjust my stride to something quieter. Probably not the wisest idea. Wil's right, of course; we should be running outside more.

So on Sunday morning we did run outside before the drizzle started. We ran up and over to the overlook, then back. Even just having run it on Tuesday meant that it was easier on Sunday. We ran faster and more smoothly. I am certain that it's the first time since the marathon that I have run 3x in one week.

Will I make my meager March goal of 40 miles? Probably not, as it means making every single run I have left this month. But who knows; maybe I'll get inspired to stay on track.

Oh, in other news, the dates of the 2010 Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon have been posted -- July 11-18. Given that we'll be in Europe for a couple of weeks in June, I don't think we'll be able to swing it. Which makes me absurdly sad. Maybe in 2012.

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