Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A year ago we were running the Birch Bay Road Race... and getting lost and running too far. (Again, I'd like to point out that the entire pack got lost, okay?)

This year we've both been sick with colds, I feel achy and winded after a flight of stairs, and I'm not sure how to get started again.

I'm trying to let myself rest and recover a bit -- accept that I'm ill and that I shouldn't push it -- that there's plenty of time to get back on the wagon. Or off the wagon and onto my running shoes. But I am beginning to feel hopeless and uninspired. Not sure what to do to get back on track at all, and it's depressing.

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the economy; everyone seems to be in this mood. We're doing Spirit Week at work (yes, it *is* like high school all over again...). And it does amuse me, and to be honest I would have stayed home sick the last couple of days had it not been for S.W. and my wanting to participate. Yes, that's right, I've helped organize a week-long event to amuse myself. Purely to amuse myself. But I think it is also amusing others...

It's the end of March. I've failed spectacularly to reach my very modest running goal. But tomorrow is the start of another month. So maybe it will inspire me to get back on track... a little.

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