Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rainy run

Wil has come down with a nasty cold -- he's a messy, runny nosed little bear right now -- so when I got home today I quickly changed and went out for a quick solo run. I was dressed warmly, but not in waterproofs of any sort... the first big drops hit not far from the house, but I decided to stick with it. The downpour started when I was just reaching the midway point of my +35+ run. Oh well.

By the time I got home I was soaked to the skin... in part because my shoes felt really slippery on the pebbly sidewalks of Ballard so I ran extra slowly. Heck, I'm clumsy enough on dry sidewalk under a clear blue sky!

So the run was just okay ... but it was a run. And it was a run where I could have turned back earlier and didn't. AND it was a run outside -- why I have this intermittent dislike of running outside I don't know.

So a slow 3.95 miles today. I won't make my March goal, but even coming close to 40 miles will be something of a triumph this month.

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