Thursday, March 12, 2009

finally running again

Had a hallway conversation with Tracy on Tuesday. She asked me if I was racing on Sunday. Now, Tracy is a sub-8-minute-mile half marathoner. So the idea of "racing" with Tracy makes me laugh. A lot.

I told her that I would be walking it with Suz, but that we were going to be taking it Very Easy and we'd be done well after her. She told me that she hadn't run since the Las Vegas half back in December... and that she was starting to worry about being fit for the Rock and Roll half in June. She reminded me that we're 14 or so weeks away. Oh. Yikes.

So that was the last straw. I had actually brought my gym stuff to work with me, because I hadn't run in March. At all.

Now, I HAD been active -- Wil and I had been going for walks, even a tiny bike ride. So my battle against sloth was going pretty well. (Though I may have missed a day or two, over all, I'm winning.)

But on Tuesday I took the bus to downtown Ballard, went straight to the gym, and ran on the treadmill. Not super far, or super fast, or super long... but 4.4 miles in 45 minutes (5+35+5). Then on Thursday (today) I did the same thing, though I was a bit slower and only managed 4.25 miles in the same time/pattern. Both days happened to be beautiful, if cold. The time shift means we've got daylight until after 6, but for some reason I can't seem to make myself go out in the real world and run. Maybe next week.

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