Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a real St. Pat's Dash

Was supposed to run the annual St. Pat's Dash on Sunday. Well, okay, I was going to mainly walk it with Suzanne, but we were registered and ready to go. On the morning of the dash, Suz and Megan (sp?) arrived at my place at 7:30 in the midst of, well, a snowstorm. (It was a storm and there was snow. Honest.) It wasn't light and fluffy snow... it was nasty, wet, gloppy snow. No one wanted to say it, but I did. "All in favor of skipping the Dash and getting breakfast say 'Aye'." It was unanimous. Vera's beat Henry Weinhards. Easily.

But then, after breakfast, as the weather flipped around between sun and hail and sun and rain and sun and snow -- but was consistently very windy -- we never got around to running. We ran some errands, we listened to the radio, we played with the cats. But we didn't get to the gym.

So today was destined to be a running day. It didn't have to be a long run but it had to be a run.

Here's something mushy. It's why Wil and I are so perfect for each other. He didn't want to run. He wanted to have run, sure, but not run. (If you know what I mean.) But I wanted to run. Enough to get convince Wil that we should bring our gym clothes to work. And then on the way home, we'd stop at the gym. Wil didn't want to go to the gym. The weather was okay -- not too windy, not too cold, totally dry -- but I still wanted to go to the gym. It's easier, it's easier on my knees, etc. But Wil wanted to run outside. Enough to convince me to just drive home, get changed, and hit the road out to the overlook and back. So while I got us started, he chose the path.

Maybe this isn't mushy to you. But as I huffed and puffed along on our run today, I was glad to be running outside in the fresh air. And it made me extra happy to have Wil for a husband and a friend. Because he's been by my side on this whole crazy running adventure every step of the way. People are often surprised that we run together -- that one or the other of us doesn't take off. But I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm just not competitive enough, I guess. It's nice to run with Wil. He keeps me going when I feel like quitting... and is willing to be persuaded to continue when he feels like quitting. He's ace.

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