Thursday, May 16, 2019

100 things in 1001 days -- 501 day check-in

Today marks the halfway point in my 101 things in 1001 days project. And, well, I'm not sure how things are going.

At the top level, I've completed 25 of the 101 things, which seems like I am WAY behind. Here's what I've completed so far:

Adventure Time
1. climb Mt. St. Helens - September 2018
5. go snowshoeing - January 2019
6. go to a country I haven’t visited before - China, November 2018
9. try stand-up paddle boarding

Always Be Learning
10. 2018: 1 sketch each week – Sketchy Sundays
16. take pottery class / learn to throw on the wheel
21. take ukulele lessons - January - February 2019

22. about us page
23. about us widget

36. read Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”
38. read Darwin’s “Voyages of the Beagle” 
42. read Joyce’s “Ulysses” March 9 – June 16, 2018

Craftacular – 33 monthly projects:
46. Africa scrapbook
52. DanAlex baby blanket
54.finish 2017 temperature afghan (weaving in ends and crocheting a border)
55. fox needlepoint part 1, flowers
56. fox needlepoint part 2, fox
57. fox needlepoint part 3, leaves
58. fox needlepoint part 4, background
59. Halloween banner
60. Joy cross stitch – Mom
61. Joy cross stitch - Sue
71. swan needlepoint, part 2 – necks and heads
73. swan needlepoint, part 4 - plants

House Proud:
100. stain patio

In addition, I'm working on several other tasks:

Always Be Learning
- get GA-certified (at least, take all the free training possible)  -- I went to a 2-day GA training course; I should take the certification courses and get this done. Maybe in June.
- complete the Rosetta Stone Spanish software -- I did a bunch of Spanish earlier this year; maybe adjust this to the Japanese course I'm working through?
- try 5 different vegan cheese recipes -- I've made 2 different vegan cheeses, just three recipes to research and try


- blog 150 times -- as of today, including this post, I'm at 96 posts, so I'm well on my way
comment on 100 different blogs -- I've commented on over 50 blogs so far, so that's been a good experience. I need to participate in more blog hops / link ups to give me more things to say!

- read Dickens – 5 novels of my choice -- I've read 2 so far, but am bogged down in War & Peace land right now!
- read Macauley’s “A History of England” -- this is proving more difficult than expected -- but it will be my focus in 2020

Craftacular – 33 monthly projects:
- camel seat – design and stitch a top -- I've started a 2019 temperature project for this, it's on hold while I finish the Swan project. We'll see how it builds out!
- pillows – make up raven, fox, hare, and swan cushions! -- raven, fox, and hare are complete; I'm still stitching swan but expect to wrap that up in 2019.
- swan needlepoint, part 1 - wings -- wings are nearly done; should have them complete in the next few days!
- swan needlepoint, part 3 - bodies -- bodies are also close, will definitely wrap up in the next three weeks
- swan needlepoint, part 5 - background -- also close -- though I'm going to include the borders in this, so they'll be the last part to complete


- finish 50-states project, run in 14 new states -- very little progress, though I have run in one new state as well as the "bonus" of the District of Columbia. Will I get one or two more in 2019? We'll see!


- get Thames Path photos scanned -- discovered that I already had these digitized, so now I just need to organize them as they're really disorganized right now.

Some of the areas I wanted to focus on have had ZERO or only ONE COMPLETIONS; notably GOHIO and Fitnecessity; hopefully I can motivate myself to get to work.

You can see the whole list of 101 things in 1001 days here, and I welcome any encouragement you can offer!

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