Thursday, March 21, 2013

TTT: arms & core, walking meeting, and a snow day

I don't often do a real "three things Thursday", but...

1. Arms & Core

This morning -- since I haven't worked out since the surgery -- I decided to do a workout from one of the ones I have been pinning to my "You Better Work (Out)" board on Pinterest. I wanted to do something with a bit of cardio, but then decided I could take it pretty easy by working on strength instead. Of course, doing bench dips always gets my heart racing!

I was able to do all of it in under 8 minutes, but it made my arms feel nice and firm all morning. Yeah, I check out my own biceps... don't you?

That last thirty seconds of up-down plank was super, super hard... but I always need a bit of help with my plank skills...

(why don't I work on them more often? yeah, I don't know either)

2. Walking Meeting

When Meredith came back from maternity leave, she was on a "sitting = death" kick -- she even rigged up a way to stand at her desk, and has set up "walking meetings" with each of us. Such a great idea -- especially as the weather will be getting nicer and nicer!

I miss seeing my pal Dre now that our team has moved to the south building (trust me -- we're in isolation now!), so I proposed that we go for a walking meeting once every other week. Today was our first one. We were both a bit late, but then we bundled up and set out and had a 45-minute brisk walk around the neighborhood, talking about work and future projects. I came back with new ideas and feeling revitalized and refreshed. Of course, then some chaos got into my new work laptop, which essentially kept me offline all day. And to think I nearly brought my iPad in to work to play with...

3. Snow Day

Okay, it wasn't like a blizzard or anything, but the weather today was nuts. Sun, wind, torrential rain, hail, snow. Shuffle, repeat. When I went out to my car at 4:00, there was about 1/4 inch of snow, and lots of slush around. Within a couple of blocks, no snow at all. Weird. But Nikki had been wanting a snow day, so there you go.

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