Monday, March 4, 2013

Easing back into things...

Yeah, I know, long time no blog. To briefly catch up: I had an Ozurdex injection in my left eye on February 20. The procedure went just fine, thank you... and though I took the rest of that week off, I was back at boot camp the following Monday and Wednesday.

Of course, then I blissfully slept in on Wil's birthday, skipping Friday camp... But I was back at it today. So my attendance hasn't been spectacular this session... But I will be back!

Running is another story. I have not run a step since the day before the procedure. Not even sure why. Hopefully I can turn things around this week.

A number of my girlfriends are struggling right now -- Two of them have, independently, said they have "lost their mojo", and I totally know where they are coming from. I had hoped that the new month would give me a little jump start, but a happily indulgent weekend has left me feeling more pudgy than ever.

Still, it's all baby steps, right?

I signed Suz and myself up for the St. Patrick's Day Dash today. I know I might not be cleared to run it, but I am pretty sure I will at least be allowed to walk it. Regardless, we were lucky to get free registrations, so there is no harm done.

This week my goal is to go to boot camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and either run or swim on Tuesday and Thursday. I also need to set up appointments for my last four Alter-G sessions -- around my surgery, of course! I also want to get back to journaling my food on My Fitness Pal. Gotta keep myself honest, right?

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  1. I'm bogarting the mojo! I'll try to share, I promise. I finished week 7 last night. Not my best run ever, but it was better than not running. xoxo.