Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The "Roxanne" workout

Today in boot camp, the very awesome Kerry (from Vast Fitness) took us through a warm-up, then a 4-station circuit, and then, when we were pretty much wrung out, gave us the "Roxanne" workout.

What's that, you ask? Well, it's simple.

Play the song "Roxanne" by the Police. Then the music starts, get into a straight-arm plank.

Every time you hear the word "Roxanne", do a push-up.

Every time you hear the words "red light", do a jackknife (while keeping your legs and arms straight, jump your feet to your hands and back).

We were a little giddy and punchy at the start of the song, so imagine a group of sweaty folks laughing while trying to hold plank position and remember which movement to do at which cue. Yeah, it starts off slowly, but then the chorus repeats forever...

The result? Three minutes and fourteen seconds of strength and cardio.

I've embedded a video of the Police playing "Roxanne" live -- now get into plank position!

Thanks to Kerry at Vast Fitness for another fun workout!


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