Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mojo Risin'

Maybe it was just low iron? Or maybe a touch of seasonal affective disorder? But I'm feeling a bit better today...

Went to boot camp and -- surprise, surprise, Kerry sprung testing on us today rather than Friday. It makes sense -- we're indoors, so why not test? That means on Friday we can play and run and have fun outside.

Testing went well -- well, better than at the start of the session. Sit-ups went from 30 to 33, pushups from 15/20 (military/modified) to 20/12. (Hey, military take me longer, okay?) And I added just over a minute to my squat hold and plank times -- though now I'm still just in the 2:30 range for each. I should really work on those!

And as far as the circuit went, I'm not sure if I mis-counted or was just beat -- but I think I only got through 9 circuits this time, rather than 10 last time. Who knows.

Now back to the mojo. First and foremost, Suz, you aren't bogarting the mojo. Mojo spreads, man. :) Your running has totally inspired me! It's my bad for not lacing up and getting out the door.

I am, at the best of times, borderline anemic. So it's quite possible that I just haven't been getting enough iron. So yesterday I made an iron-packed dinner and picked up some blackstrap molasses to add to tomorrow's smoothie. Yeah, I don't know what it will taste like, either.

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