Monday, February 11, 2013

Vast Improvement!!!

Went "home" to Vast Fitness Boot Camp today -- so nice! On Mondays and Wednesdays we'll be meeting at the Phinney Ridge Center in the funny little "auditorium" room where I once went with Rebecca to a "natural products" fair in the early days of Deluxe Foods...

Today was testing day, and, well, I've lost a lot of strength. So sad. I tested today at 15 military pushups and 25 modified pushups; 30 sit-ups, 1:25 wall squat, 1:15 plank. Wow.

But I am sure that Kerry's camp will whip me back into shape. My goal is to get to 25 military pushups by the end of camp, along with 40 sit-ups, 1:45 wall squat, and 1:30 plank.

Best part was seeing Kerry and the gang again -- Kelsey, Sarah, Damon, Hiromi, and.... um... two new people. One or two others should come (a lot of folks skip test day). And already I feel much more at home -- we chatted, cheered each other on, and still got in a good workout. Sweet.

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