Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alter-G, take 3

Woke up feeing stiff  and sore in my hip flexors... which reminded me that I didn't bother to stretch after my last session. Oops.

Just because it's easier to run doesn't mean I should stretch after, right?

Tangent: While reading about Taft last night I saw an article about the president throwing out the first pitch -- which started with Taft -- and noticed that of the men shown (Taft, FDR, Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama), only Clinton and Obama were left-handed. Which made me wonder about any connections between left-handedness and political leanings. But I digress.

Walking around at work yesterday afternoon I felt awfully stiff too, come to think of it. Perhaps going from 0-1 days of exercise / week to 3 days / week to 5 days / week might be too steep a ramp-up? Too much too soon?

When I got to the treadmill this morning the television was on.... so I ended up watching 40 minutes of "Today". I have to admit that it was a pleasant distraction, and that I feel like my workout went faster. (And not just because I mastered the zipping into the machine!)

I walked for five minutes to warm up, then ran at 10-minute mile pace for 5 minutes to get loose, and then cranked up the speed again. Still felt too goofy to really play with the gravity settings, but I went faster and farther than last time.

Again, soaking wet neoprene shorts. Didn't realize this was some sort of "sauna shorts" scheme.

Today I had 4.5 straight hours of meetings... was worried I would be really stiff when I got up to leave, but I actually felt pretty okay. Phew.

Tomorrow is my last day of boot camp at Sync Fitness -- because I start back at Vast on Monday! So excited!!!

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  1. Ford, Reagan, and HW Bush are all left-handed. Reagan claimed to be ambidextrous. He might be like me, writes left, throws right.