Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the Ghost Runner... and Boot Camp

Yesterday morning I was heading out to go to the Physical Therapy place -- where the Alter-G is -- had just turned up my street .... and there he was. The Ghost Runner.

(Yeah, I finally named him.)

I mean the guy who I used to always see running around Ballard... and whenever I mentioned him to other runners who lived anywhere nearby, they would say, "Oh! I know that guy! I see him on ...."

It seemed like everyone I knew also knew of this guy. I assumed he was totally hardcore -- twice a days, even track workouts. For a while Wil and I even snapped surreptitious photos of him and sent them to each other. Another friend, however, thought that perhaps he was suffering from anorexia or some other illness. Still, I preferred to think of him as just that crazy ghost runner.

Then I stopped seeing him. Months went by, and I started to worry. I mean, I honestly used to see him a couple of times per week.

But yesterday, there he was, loping down the middle of the street.

It seemed like a good sign -- the return of spring and all that -- and kicked off my own two-a-day... a run on the Alter-G in the morning, and then a run with Suz after work.

Today was my second boot camp session with Kerry.... and it was so tough! We all warmed up together, then split into some groups and did a four-part circuit with two minute intervals. First we ran up and down the stairs, then we did lunges and squats, then pushups and burpees, and then "hello dollies" and bicycles. And I thought I was going to DIE. May I point out that I had been going to boot camp?!? Just not working hard enough, I guess!

Tomorrow: back on the Alter-G!

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