Monday, February 4, 2013

Boot Camp Smackdown

Okay, so I never managed to go back to boot camp after our Canyonlands trip in October.... and then when camp started up again in January, I knew we would be out of town.

So when a Groupon (or whatever) came up for Sync Fitness, an indoor boot camp in Interbay, well, I decided to try it. I mean, $49 for a month's worth of boot camp is a great deal -- even if I didn't really like it.

So I started going the week before Christmas -- and it was okay. Nice facilities -- being indoors, but having a big open space meant that the workouts were varied, there was a lot of equipment (weights and such), and we still had a lot of room for cardio. And while I liked the main instructor, Jill, the class was missing something... an esprit de corps, I guess.

I went pretty regularly before we left for Disney World, but then figured I would just let it go, relax for a few weeks when we got back, and then start back at my beloved Vast Fitness in mid-February. But then Sara, the owner of Sync, sent me a note offering me an additional month for half price. Well, even as a three-week tide-me-over till Vast started, it seemed like a good deal.

I admit it -- I'm a bit tight sometimes. So I worried about "wasting" even the deal I had at Sync... was trying to figure out if I could somehow delay the start of Vast, etc. But then I remembered that the reason I didn't just "take a break" between returning from Florida and the start of the next session of Vast was that, frankly, I feel better when I work out more. It's just that simple.

But I was still feeling funny about leaving Sync midway through my month to go back to Vast... until this morning.

Sync has just started an 8-week "new year, new you" program, so class this morning was rammed with lots of newbies. Which is fine, of course... but I felt like the session today was a little lower key than I like. I mean, Sara made it clear that we are all responsible for our own workouts, etc., AND she offered up higher and lower intensity versions of most of the exercises in the tabata.... BUT. It still felt funny when only three of the 18 people in the room had ever been to boot camp before.

The extra weird thing? No one talked to each other at all. At one point I caught Amy's eye -- at that point, the only other "old-timer" (ha!) -- and we both sorta shrugged. But that's still the closest I have come to any sort of camaraderie.

So that just made it crystal clear -- next Monday I go back to Vast fitness and get my boot camp on. I'm super excited!!!

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