Sunday, September 2, 2012

August wrap-up

Missed hitting my running goal for August by 3.5 miles. One easy run. And I simply couldn't make myself go on Thursday the 30th. Not sure why, exactly, other than that my knees felt really stiff after the hill running at boot camp on the Wednesday. Anyway, I decided that it was okay to let myself have an extra day of rest if I "needed" it.

That said, 56.56 miles in August isn't too shabby! I should be able to top 60 in September -- even if I'm a bit behind in my goal of 600 miles in 2012.

Boot camp has been good -- including Friday's fierce session, where after warming up and then playing tag, we trooped across the street and ran repeats up the big stairs at the Aqua Theater. So. Hard. Seriously tough. I felt woozy a couple of times, and made sure to use a handrail on each trip down the small stairs. But the morning was gorgeous -- wish I had had a camera to capture how pretty it was!

Tomorrow being Labor Day, Kerry is holding a slightly later workout -- 7am, so we can "sleep in" -- looking forward to that!

In other news, Wil and I spent the last two days at Bumbershoot, which has left me feeling a little, well,  Bumbershot. We left early today so that we can be in fine form tomorrow!

Today was the Disneyland Half Marathon, which I admit to being a little sad to have missed. Maybe next year -- if they still have that GORGEOUS medal, anyway!

I do just wish the course was more interesting... Which reminds me that I finally took a careful look at the WDW Half Map:

I think it's essentially the same as when we ran in 2009 and 2010, so no surprises there.

And I already knew about the changes to the full Marathon course -- which eliminates the "dreaded" (ha) out-and-back, puts everyone in the Magic Kingdom much earlier in the course, and has taking a pretty convoluted course through the Wide World of Sports complex -- which I don't think seems like a very fun thing to do.

Still, really looking forward to the races. Now just need to get back on track with the training!!!

No half marathons this weekend -- but one each of the next two weeks. We should do well in the Skagit Flats race, perhaps less so in the Edmonds one... but we'll see.

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