Tuesday, August 28, 2012

C25K - week 9

Ran around Green Lake this morning -- my second time running the NHS "Couch to 5K" podcast -- 30 minutes straight. I felt a little sluggish -- and a little queasy... but I'm guessing that's because I had already drunk 16 ounces of kale / banana / peach / pineapple smoothie!

I got up with Wil, made the aforementioned smoothies, and finished packing up my things. And then I just milled around. I played with the cats a little, I looked at my email. I just couldn't seem to head out the door. I don't even know why.

And at about 7:45 I realized I should probably just have a quick shower and drive to work. I kept thinking of when I might be able to squeeze in a run ... After work? Nah, that never works for me. During lunch? Hate that. And then I realized that a lot of my coworkers fit in runs during the work day. So I decided I would "fit in" my run at the beginning of my work day.

I drove to Green Lake, enjoyed my run, and then drove to work -- arriving at the locker room at 9:10. Then I got to my desk at 9:30. Too late for the morning meeting (which I actually thought had been cancelled, but that's next week...) but just in time to get some good work done.

I covered 4.02 miles in 40 minutes -- ten minutes of which was my warm-up and cool-down walking. So I feel pretty good about my speed, even if I was feeling sluggish and tired. Now, that's not fast by any means, but faster than I have been in the past. It's made me start looking for a 5K I can run to see if I can PR. (Yep, that's one of my stretch goals!) The mileage also brought me within 3.5 miles of my goal for August -- which I should be able to complete on Thursday. Woot!

Oh, and in very late news ... a couple of weeks ago Disney published the design for the Walt Disney World Marathon medal. Now, I usually don't like to see the medals until I have earned them -- I like it to be a surprise. And I'm not 100% sure I like this medal -- especially since it seems completely unrelated to the Donald WDW Half Marathon medal. But some people will love it:

I just really, really hope that the Goofy medal is an old-school Goofy-head medal. Would be nice to complete that "set"!

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