Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to Boot Camp!

After a very slothful week off, and a very indulgent weekend celebrating the arrival of Wil's parents for a visit, I was both excited and nervous about boot camp starting back up today!

Arrived to see -- dimly, because it was pitch black -- some familiar faces (Damon, Paul, Maryanne, and Hiromi) and a lot of new faces. I'm sure that on Wednesday we'll have even more of the veterans. I told Kerry that I hadn't run a step or lifted a thing -- she laughed and said she hadn't either!

So we headed out for a warm-up lap -- still really, really dark -- and then did some warming up. Some of the newcomers were a little late -- they probably couldn't see us in the dark!

(Did I mention it was dark?)

But after 15 minutes or so it was just light enough to run our circuit, so off we went. The new recruits seemed nervous -- they didn't know what pace they should run, etc. I just tried to run steadily, but of course I didn't.

Lap 1: 2:02
Lap 2: 4:10
Lap 3: 6:19
Lap 4: 8:30

So one second slower, but better than I thought I would do. I'd like to take ten seconds off my time this month. We'll see.

Then push-ups. With Ellen taking a break, I buddied up with Hiromi and we cheered each other on. I did 22 push-ups, all military, but it took me so long I didn't do any modified ones. So that seems like a step backwards.

Then sit-ups, where I think I did 27 or something. I don't know why I struggle so much with them. Must work on those on my non-boot camp days.

Then the squat hold -- where I lined up next to Paul so he would distract me again. I held on till 2 minutes and then was just simply too bored to continue.

Plank was pretty much the same -- I was first aiming at 1:30, but then decided I should try for 1:45, and then, why not?, 2:00. But I felt shaky at 2 so I dropped out. Hiromi -- queen of the plank -- held on for 7 minutes. Fantastic!

So I'm excited to be back in boot camp, though I'm sad not to have my buddy there. Hopefully next sessions!

Right before I started writing this post, I saw that Kerry had sent one of her inspirational emails:

We all come to boot camp from different areas, life experiences, and fitness/health history -- however, we all start new today.  With that in mind I want you to take the next 10-15 minutes making a list of where you are right now in life.  Physically, mentally, emotionally?  What do you like about your life, what do you dislike/what would you like to change and improve?  How are your relationships (home, play, work)?  What is your life like RIGHT NOW--THIS MOMENT?  Take some time to really think about it--make your list.

When Kerry says "Jump", we just say "How high?" -- so...

Physically -- I'm getting stronger. I have lost 28 pounds since May, dropped a size, and can now run faster than ever before. Sure, I still have some weight I'd like to lose, and of course I'd like to get faster and stronger, but I'm feeling really pleased with my progress so far. 

Mentally -- For the most part, very good. Everything but work is fantastic, and work is -- for the most part -- good. We're coming up to a pretty hectic season, and for some reason my boss if feeling really "under the gun", which makes things a bit more stressful for me. But I am still MUCH happier than I was two years ago at T-Mobile. I work with great people, selling a great product, and enjoy most days. 

Emotionally -- Really happy! 

I like my sweet husband, my lovely furry cats, my friends, my boot camp (of course!), and my life! What would I change / improve? Well, I'd make more time for creative endeavors -- even if it's just working on my cross stitch. I'd also make more time to read -- I went through a little spurt of reading books from the library and really enjoyed it. I should continue to find some things. I'd also like to run more consistently -- I'm always happy for having gone for a run. Why, then, sometimes, do I drag my feet or even refuse to go? And I'd like to make more time for friends. We're always so happy when we make the time to get together with people.

Next....take a moment to think about where you will be 4-5 weeks from now.  That's not a lot of time, but it is long enough to start developing new habits, making adjustments and getting on track towards a better you.  How will your food habits look, what about your exercise habits, how might family life change?  Think about it---and make your second list of WHERE YOU WANT TO BE--WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

Food! In 4-5 weeks I'd like to be back using MyFitnessPal regularly. Not sure why I have been struggling to do that over the last few weeks. It's so easy to do, and it is so satisfying. So that's a top priority. I also need to work on my snacking -- even if I am now snacking on healthier things, I should still be watching the snacks. 

Exercise! Boot camp EVERY meeting -- unless I'm out of town (but I think that might only happen once?)  And back to running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See if I can coax Ellen out for morning runs -- or see if I can join Gina and Dre at work? (Scary!) Also, need to get on track for the Goofy training -- I think we're now at a point where we need to ramp up the long runs. 

Work! Keep making lists -- and try not to worry so much about the different projects. Spend a morning each week just making sure to tie up any little loose ends. have 2 lists to refer back to when you are having trouble staying on track to reach your goals.  Think about how you will feel if you reach your new NOW - in 4 -5 weeks.  It's gonna take some discipline, it's gonna take focus, you may need support (that's what we are for--along with your new boot camp buddies) -- you can do it!  

We want to see you at each workout.  YOU make a difference to the WHOLE GROUP.  Let's work/sweat hard, reach some goals, and have some fun this month!

Just reading the email makes me feel excited and happy. I am so pleased to have found Kerry and Vast Fitness!

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