Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sneaky sneaky test day!

Good turnout for Wednesday morning boot camp! We warmed up on the lower field -- which seemed strange since it was SO DARK. And then I noticed that Kerry was holding her pad of paper.... and realized that she was going to run the fitness test today rather than Friday. Sneaky, sneaky Kerry!

But it was good -- we started with the usual mile run. I started out WAY too fast -- and slowed WAAAAAAAAY down on the fourth lap. But I made myself keep plodding along!

Split one: 1:55 (oops)
Spilt two: 4:02 (really, oops)
Split three: 6:15 (at least I think that's what it was... but my fingers were tingling and I was trying to work out what the heck was causing that...)
Split four: 8:27 -- a two-second PR. :)

I had really hoped to improve a bit more -- but again, I've got to get my pacing sorted out. I still really really struggle with that.

Then pushups -- where I did 21 military and 12 modified. (Last time: 22 and 12. Bummer.)

And sit-ups -- where I did 24, I think... or maybe 30? Can't remember... And, no, I can't remember last time either.

Then squat hold -- where, because Paul and I were distracting each other, I went over 2 minutes for the first time. Huzzah!

And then, plank. Where I think I held for over two minutes as well. Both of the holds were MUCH longer than I had done before -- but I think it's just working on distracting myself rather than my strength.

Kerry promises us "fun" on Friday -- which Ellen interpreted as "fun" and I interpreted it as "ass-kicking". Of course, as Ellen said it, we both laughed and she said, "Yeah, that Pollyanna Dumbass attitude gets me into trouble a lot..."


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