Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hiatus week

So we're on hiatus from boot camp this week -- so I've felt a little confused all week.

Damon from boot camp announced that we would hold "buddy boot camp" sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at Roosevelt High School -- so I decided that I would run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday I ran 25 minutes straight, coming within a hundred yards or so of a full circuit of Green Lake. That's pretty exciting. I'll do that same workout on Wednesday and Friday -- I'm hoping to complete the circuit one of those days.

Today I went to Damon's workout. A bunch of us went -- Kerry, Kelsey, David (?), and Mylie -- and Damon put us through our paces. Kerry clearly had a great time -- saying how fun it was to have someone else call the shots. We did progressions, lots of sprints, a jog around the school, and lots and lots of pushups. Nice.

Oh, and on Monday night I had my fourth tap class. I felt like we spent a little too much time reviewing, but I'm also one of the students who seems to already "get" it. I enjoy the review -- and I really enjoy the feeling when I just relax and feel the rhythm and it "works". But I would like to feel like we're moving forward a bit more.

I had been feeling a little funny about tap -- I mean, I don't plan to take "intermediate" tap, or try to get better at it. Largely because I can't imagine actually making up a routine. But then today I realized that maybe it's parallel to singing or playing an instrument -- that you can play guitar without writing songs. Maybe I can learn someone else's choreography? I also felt that way about swing dancing -- I could do moves, but I just didn't always know what to do next.

Regardless, I'm really glad to have been taking tap.

Tomorrow -- another run!

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