Thursday, April 9, 2009

third run this week!

Wil, being a rock star, has been riding his bike in to work... so now I really need to keep up the running! So today I ran, on schedule. This is only the second time this year that I've actually completed three running workouts in a row, so I am feeling hesitantly confident (if that isn't an impossibility) that I'm back on track.

Was going to run at the gym -- decided that, since the weather looked drizzly, I would run indoors. But I really couldn't look a decent weather horse in the mouth a second time, so when I got home I changed into my running gear and headed out for a 5+40+5 workout. I decided to follow Wil's course, running straight up 16th to 75th before cutting over. Wheeze, pant, wheeze. Then all the way out to the Sunset overlook, and then back -- this time adding a tiny stretch to 80th, then out to 24th, where I cut over to 77th and ran out to 15th. Felt pretty good most of the way, having my usual challenges with pacing and breath. But all in all, a good run.

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