Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday run

Six miler today -- longest run since the marathon. (Fun that I pretty much get to say that every weekend until, oh, September...). Nice sunny day, not too hot or breezy. Ran the usual 5:1 pattern, out to 16th, up to 75th (pant, wheeze), all the way out to the bluff, and then up to the "diagonal street" (Loyal?) as a spot to start heading back. Ran back along 77th to 15th, and then crossed 15th at 75th. I really think the crosswalk button there is closed -- after an unwanted 3-minute break, I just sprinted across the road and kept going.

As I needed to add a bit more mileage, I ran along 75th up to 3rd, and then down to 65th -- that first block is a very steep drop! Across 8th to Dibble, where I panted and wheezed up two more blocks before shutting down and walking the rest of the way home. 6.16 miles in just over an hour -- not too bad.

Had tweaked my right hamstring doing some gardening on Saturday; so I felt a little sore during the run and a lot sore now. Good thing tomorrow is another rest day.

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