Friday, April 24, 2009


Decided to try running home again. Well, running to the park and ride, anyway. Clearly, the little backpack wasn't going to work, so I decided to try the waistpack.
Now, I love this waistpack. It is my favorite pack for day hikes, with its comfy hip straps and great big Nalgene holders. I wasn't going to run packing two liters of water, but I stuffed the center area pretty full of gear.
I thought it would be great.
But I was wrong.
With every stride, the pack bumped up and hit my kidneys. Not super hard or anything, but repeatedly. Annoyingly. Bruisingly. Nothing I did to adjust the straps had any effect. Step bump, step bump, step bump.
So I decided to just let the running gods decide. If an odd number of bikes passed me between Factoria and the little bridge, I would run to the Bellevue P&R. However, if it was an even number I would go to Mercer Island P&R.
As I approached the bridge, 6 bikes had passed.
To be completely honest, I had started playing the "well, I also passed three pedestrians on the run... that would be an odd number of humans..." game. But then, I saw a bike cresting the bridge. Hooray! Then another. Boo. Then a third. Hooray! I was halfway over the bridge by this point, so I was very very happy to look around and see no further bikes. I crossed the bridge and turned right, my course decided by the bike gods. :)
A short and simple run through the Mercer Island Slough park, a brief cool-down walk for the last block to the P&R, and then a nice short wait for a bus across to Seattle.
So, not the distance I should have done, but a good test run with the waistpack. It's a shame it didn't work better.

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